New paper on Li Metal Batteries Capable of Ultra-Low-Temperature Operation

Improving the energy output of batteries at sub-zero temperatures is crucial to the long-term application of advanced electronics in extreme environments. This work demonstrates a system that employs high-voltage cathodes, applies Li metal anodes, and improves the electrolyte chemistry to provide facile kinetics at ultra-low temperatures. An all-fluorinated electrolyte was used to simultaneously provide high-voltage cathode and Li metal anode reversibility at room temperature. Furthermore, the electrolyte provided 161, 149, and 133 mAh g–1 when discharged at −40, −50, and −60 °C, respectively, far exceeding the performance of the commercial electrolyte. This work provides new design principles for high-voltage batteries capable of ultra-low-temperature operation.

Read more here: DOI 10.1021/acsenergylett.0c00643



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